About: “Unidentified” was considered by BAFTA, Philips Cinema & Ridley Scott Associates for the Parallel Lines Contest. This short uses 6 lines of dialogue provided by Ridley Scott. It was up to the filmmaker to create an original piece.

Description: UNIDENTIFIED begins with an unknown force monitoring earth. When an important government official is abducted, an impending alien invasion is perceived to be in planning. A covert Task Force is assembled. Their mission; to intercept UFOs and retrieve their superior technology. But problems arise, in facing a mysterious force far advanced to than their primitive aerial unit.

*update* The 1st draft for a feature length script for a film is complete, but will be under a different title.
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In a post-apocalyptic future world, Earth is divided by breathable oxygen zones, and uninhabitable ones. During a world war over territory, a downed pilot holds rebel secrets and is assisted by a satellite while being pursued by government agents.

Year: 2009. Format: 16mm. Starring Krishna Chaitanya. Written & directed by Warner Brown. Original soundtrack and digital effects created by Warner Brown. Part of the upcoming “Jettison” series based 20 years before the era depicted in this.


Stunner Brothers “On One Mixtape” DVD

Genre: Comedy/Reality: The “ON ONE MIXTAPE” The adventures of Jon Boy and KC. The Stunner Brothers. Their mission: Make it big, and get the f**k out of Novato. In their journey they encounter Novato cops, San Rafael cops, Cotati cops, mexicans, gay clubs, angry pedestrians, construction workers, hot chicks and more. 69 minutes of stunner madness!
Coproduced/Editing/Fx By Warner Brown. The FULL film and skit extras can now be viewed at their youtube.

Smashing Pumpkins “Tarantula”

Format: Digital. TRT: 3:53. Year: 2007. This submission made it to the final round of Smashing Pumpkin’s Official “Tarantula” video contest and was one of 14 videos personally viewed by Billy Corgan and the band for consideration.


Prologue (To A Backward World)

Format: 16mm. TRT: 2:31. Year: 2002. Description: An experimental shot about a world running backwards, and a person who starts a revolution by trying to move forward, but ends up destroying the world by accident.

Music by NIN


Inner Vietnam                                                                     

Format: 16mm - B&W. TRT: 2:30. Year: 2000. Description: Dark experimental noir about a man fighting inner and outer demons. Warner Brown’s first short film.

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